My friend was able to find an apartment in the town next to ours.

We are looking forward to her living close by so we can get together more often.

She was living over an hour from us which made spending evenings together more difficult. She would have to plan a full day if she wanted to have dinner and visit. She would stay over and go home the following day. Now with her new apartment she can simply come over and head home the same day. My only hope is that she really looked into the features of this new place carefully. Online reviews are a very helpful tool. Renters often will be more honest about a complex when online then in person. The same hold true for any service you may need in life. Reviews of local companies such as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians can be very helpful planning tools. When it came time to replace our air conditioner, we used this to help make our choice. We read about everything from professionalism to customer follow up and found that the local HVAC company had an excellent reputation. There were only a few reviews that were unfavorable compared with some of the larger companies that spent thousands of dollars on advertising. We are fortunate this day in age to have this tool at our disposal. Years ago, you were dependent of word of mouth or just trusting someone. This was not always the best way as the technician could just be a good salesman or the person you were asking may be his relative.
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By Steve