My partner entirely likes technology. He always gets the newest PC as well as smartwatch models. When my associate and I bought our home, one of his goals was to make it as smart as possible. My buddy and I have smart locks on our doors, a smart assistant, as well as a smart thermostat. My buddy and I also have smart lighting throughout our home. My favorite part of our smart home is our smart thermostat. I love that our smart thermostat allows us to save money on our electric bill because my associate and I can set the temperature to be a little bit higher when my associate and I are not home. I also love that it takes me seconds to adjust the temperature as well as I do not even need to be near the smart thermostat to do so. There are a few methods that my partner as well as I use to control our smart thermostat. The first method is directly touching the smart thermostat to control the temperature. When you touch the screen, a dial comes up as well as you can click as well as drag your finger to the temperature you would like your home to either heat or cool to. This method is simple, but think it or not, touching the smart thermostat directly is the method my associate and I use the least in our home. The second method is using our smart assistant to control the temperature on the smart thermostat. All my associate and I have to do is say hey with the smart assistant’s name as well as my associate and I tell it to change the temperature in the home. The smart assistant fastens to the smart thermostat as well as fluctuations the temperature immediately. My buddy and I do use this method quite often. The third method is to use our PCs as well as open the app that fastens to the smart thermostat.

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By Steve