Traditionally, this is the time of year when I become absolutely anxious.

This is the time of year where my fine friend and I are looking down the barrel of a heat plus humidity gun that is about to go off.

This week’s high is 84 degrees. A month from now it will be 98 degrees with matching numbers in humidity percentage. Of course, we’ve had fine cooling from the central air conditioner. But it’s been high-priced, summer is the time of year that I like to pretend isn’t absolutely coming for me. Yet this year, I’m serene about the fact that the hot plus cold temperatures are about to sky rocket. And this year, I’m feeling absolutely great about all the air conditioner that I’ll have to use to combat the high heat plus humidity. That’s because my fine friend and I had a geothermal heat pump installed this Springtime. The outdated heat pump absolutely did a great job for us. My associate and I had that thing for 26 year without it once cutting down. Of course, most of the credit for that goes to all the heating plus cooling repair that my fine friend and I had done each Fall plus Springtime. Still, since my fine friend and I aren’t going somewhere plus my fine friend and I wanted heating plus cooling for the long haul, geothermal heat pumps entered the conversation. The more my fine friend and I looked into this type of heating plus cooling equipment, the more it seemed to fit what my fine friend and I envisioned going forward in this house. Thanks to the fact that the geothermal heat pump uses the earth’s temperature to extract heating plus cooling energy, we’re in for a cheap Summer. We’ve had the air conditioner on for a month plus just got the bill. It’s almost 40 percent less than what my fine friend and I paid last year at this time. And it’s not even absolutely hot yet.


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By Steve