So, obviously, a/cs can lead to back pain. Yes, you read that officially. Based on studies done by experts, someone who uses an a/c more than average can develop backache; Of course, having bad posture and sitting for too long also plays a part in this finding. But based on the conclusion of the research, the a/c is to blame as well. During the hottest part of the year, all the people tend to avoid the sunshine and stay indoors in their air conditioning. And because of this, various of us don’t gain the Vitamin-D from the sunshine that we need! Therefore, lower levels of Vitamin-D can lead to more back pain. And but I am no scientist, I understand the logic behind the lack of vitamins. But I don’t know fastening the use of a/cs to back pain completely makes sense! With or separate from air conditioning, all the people I know avoid being out in the sunshine for too long. Not to mention that various people work corporate jobs, so getting enough sunshine during the morning is not something that is possible. And yes, most companies do have a/cs, but even if they didn’t, people wouldn’t be working outside in the sun. Well, in my head, I don’t know that to be true, not with the sunshine as warm as it is now. Even construction workers avoid being in the sunshine during the hottest part of the morning, so they begin work early and end it before it gets too hot. Anyway, if the use of a/cs is the cause of back pain, I will take painkillers and Vitamin-D supplements while basking in my air conditioning.



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By Steve