My local area experiences especially extreme weather just about all year round! The winters are long, cold & snowy… My pal and I see hot & cold temperatures down to setback twenty-five & accumulate several feet of snow in a matter of hours! Our boilers are seriously important.

The boiler is not only essential in keeping a comfortable home however also prevents our water pipes from freezing & bursting, then i take particularly good care of the boiler to promote reliability, efficiency & longevity.

My pal and I constantly are required to run the boiler from the middle of November until the end of March or beginning of May; While it’s always a relief when the Spring weather finally arrives, my pal and I often are subjected to important storms. My pal and I endure high winds, thunder, lightning & torrential downpours. There is the fear of power outages; A few years ago, my pal and I lost electricity for five mornings. My pal and I had no lights, internet or running water. My pal and I couldn’t take a shower, wipe our hands, wipe the dishes, do laundry or even flush a toilet. With no power, the sump pump quit running & the basement flooded. I started to worry about the consequences of a lengthy outage during the middle of winter. Without the boiler operating, we’d be forced to brave dangerous road conditions to check into a hotel. There would be a important risk of disfigurement to the water pipes. While the investment into a permanently installed standby generator was quite luxurious, it was worth it for peace of mind… Now, when there is a power failure, the generator automatically starts up & provides for the needs of the household. The sump pump, boiler, refrigerator & water pump continue to run uninterrupted.



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By Steve