Something that everyone have in usual is that they all want to save currency.

One of the areas that numerous Americans can save currency on is their electric bill, especially in the overheated Summer months, however you do not need to sacrifice your indoor comfort to save currency each month on your electric bill.

However, you must be willing to commit to making simpe variations & you will see that bill decrease.The first change you can make is to put your shades down on sunny afternoons. This will protect your home from overheated UV rays which increase the temperature. It is not as pretty or bright with the shades pulled down, but you can buy pretty & bright things with all the currency you save on your electric bill. You can also consider purchasing blackout shades which will actually keep the sun away & keep the temperature cooler. Make sure to put all of your ceiling fans on & raise the temperature on your thermostat at least two degrees higher. You actually will not feel the difference in two degrees if all of the fans in your home are on. Make sure to set the ceiling fan to rotate in a counterclockwise direction. Another substantial, yet overlooked step is to switch out your air conditioner filter every month to every three months. Trapped dirt & debris will block the cooling air from coming out of your air conditinong. Another step is to switch to LED light bulbs. If you have a house with multiple leves set the thermostat on the top level to the coolest temperature.

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By Steve