I observed that my home was dusty no matter how multiple times I cleaned plus vacuumed. I also realized that whenever the furnace started up, my teenagers would sneeze, cough plus complain of congestion. I was experiencing trouble sleeping plus my hubby was suffering from frequent headaches. At the same time, our heating bills were way higher than expected plus yet certain rooms of the house always felt slightly cold. I researched my complaints with the furnace plus learned that the problem was certainly the duct system. It occurred to me that I dust, sweep, vacuum plus wash surfaces in the house at least once per week. We’d lived in the house almost eight years plus never once had the ductwork cleaned. Because of this, dust plus other contaminants concealed inside the ducts were getting circulated throughout the house every time the furnace started up. Plus, the buildup of debris within the pipes was restricting airflow. The heated air was taking much longer to reach the intended destination. This forced the furnace to run longer, use more energy plus result in more expensive utility bills. The wear plus tear was easily not fantastic for the furnace. I’m fortunate it didn’t malfunction plus cost me a small luck for an emergency repair. The process of duct cleaning is easy, affordable plus fairly quick. The contractor brought in a machine that resembled an industrial-sized vacuum cleaner. It included an especially long hose with a brush attachment that was inserted into the duct system. The brush worked to dislodge stubborn contaminants that were then sucked up into the hose. The improvement in the smell, cleanliness plus comfort of the home was immediate.

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By Steve