I’m the sort of guy who enjoys to look at the data… While I’m not exactly spending my time inside the zone controlled Heating & A/C of my office every afternoon up to my knees in data, I like the numbers, normally, I can find the truth about most things in the numbers or the data.

That was genuinely tploy when I learned a whole lot about the best way to sell our family home, but my pal and I finally had to be fair with each other when it came to selling.

My wifey and I are at the point where my friend and I just don’t want this much house. It was great raising the teenagers inside the central a/c of that house. Man, did all that space ever come in handy when it came to raising our boys. I can’t tell you how multiple temperature control I had to replace because of an errant pass of a football. But now, it’s great to have the space for Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s it and my friend and I could rent a space for those occasions, but plus, my friend and I were tired of feeding this condo so much of our paychecks. We’re in our last decade of earning so it’s time to put the pedal to the metal when it comes to making cash and saving cash. The heating and cooling costs alone were outrageous for the pair of us. And replacing that heating and cooling equipment turned out to indeed be a sizable driver in getting the price my friend and I wanted for our family home. I wasn’t so sure when it was first recommended but our realtor was a hundred percent correct. The latest in residential is a turnkey essential indeed.

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By Steve