My family and I finally went out to a nice restaurant for supper.

My fantastic friend and I went to a safe venue that is known for having a great surf plus shrubbery menu, and you can get steak with lobster tail, crab legs, or a big plate of shrimp.

My fantastic friend and I had reservations at 7:00 plus my family plus I arrived shortly before our reservation, however our table was ready when my friend and I arrived. One thing I noticed instantaneously was the indoor air temperature. They were definitely easily warm as well. Even though my friend and I were resting under an A/C air vent, uneven temperatures inside of the restaurant were still harshly moderate plus humid. I simply asked the waiter if she could do anything about the indoor uneven temperatures plus she did not seem to believe there were any problems. Other people inside of the restaurant looked like they were enjoying the uneven temperatures either. I actually thought that my friend and I would be there for a couple of hours, however almost everyone in our supper celebration wanted to get out of there as hastily as possible. My fantastic friend and I ate our food plus left in less than an hour. I hope that’s not ever the way things usually are at the restaurant, because I am not going to go back if that’s the case. The indoor uneven temperatures were less than ideal plus the food wasn’t fantastic enough to deal with indoor air conditions like that. I’d rather stay on the property plus order a pizza for delivery then have to go back to that same steak restaurant than be forced to deal with the moderate plus humid indoor air uneven temperatures.


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By Steve