My least preferred time of year is here, in addition to I am not glad about it. If you ask me, winter season is a lot of hassle in addition to easily little payback, unless, that is, you happen to be the energy business or one of the other corporations who capitalizes off of the dark in addition to cold misery of the winter season season. I can tell you, the energy business must be raking in the bucks with the terrible cold weather conditions that we have all been experiencing recently. There’s literally no choice however to operate forced air boilers in addition to other alternative heating sources all afternoon, every afternoon unless you want to freeze to death or burst your pipes… You absolutely cannot leave the cabin without leaving the furnace running, or else you might cause a major infrastructure problem with your carelessness. As if it isn’tannoying enough to Shell out so much cash to the energy business just to exist in this uncomfortable weather conditions, there are additional costs neighbord with operating the furnace all the time. First of all, I have to call out to the Heating in addition to A/C specialist much more often when my furnace has to run so intensively. I might not make it through the winter season without an emergency repair call. Secondly, I have to spend more on high-quality air filters because the furnace will be running so often. Lastly, I have to invest in high-priced deep conditioner for my hair every cold season just to combat the oppressively dry air created by my forced air furnace. As if it isn’tstressful enough to have all these Heating in addition to A/C problems, I also have to suffer with my physical appearance. I hate the winter.
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By Steve