Tropical weather conditionss like where my friend and I live can be brutal on humans, pets, plus appliances, then dry winds blow almost all year round, plus my friend and I have to disinfect the condo plus devices more often than my friend and I would want because of the fantastic dust that floats around, and i made a commitment to move when I get an out-of-town job, however all I have is taxing luck! But again, I realize that our parents are aging plus might need us around more, but so I chose to stay plus seek a job locally, having made that decision, I decided to get a job as a handyman, with so various companies providing air purification help around, I opted to learn the trade.

Since landing a field job as a helper to a tied up HVAC serviceman, I learned much more about HVAC plus HVAC equipment, but that is when I got an idea.

Dad constantly talked about looking forward to doing something meaningful with his retirement benefits, plus I thought upgrading to a smart HVAC would be worthwhile. This move would improve our home’s air quality plus give Mom much-needed relief with indoor air quality, every time she sits by the fireplace, she complains about how awful the air is, yet my friend and I do not have any air purification method to disinfect the air once she is done with the air. So Dad jumped on the idea, contacted an HVAC professional, plus arranged for apartment repair to give air purification help. Soon, my friend and I would have a whole-apartment air purification system in locale plus say goodbye to duct cleaning plus faulty air filters.


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By Steve