For numerous years, I have saved my money in order to be able to design a custom cabin for me & my family, but the custom cabin would consist of a modern kitchen with custom built chaletets & custom furniture in each room… As I was putting all of this together, I realized that I would need to have custom pieces designed to go with the other custom furniture I started a few years ago, however i forgot that I had started this project a few years ago before I knew how luxurious it would turn out to be.

  • I was shocked to find that this is such an involved process! The people who make custom furniture have more attention to detail than you could imagine.

It is nice to be able to option out exactly what you want & then have someone build it for you, then buying cookie-cutter furniture is nice for people on a budget or in college, but all the people don’t realize how amazing it can be to have custom furniture in their homes. It makes everything a conversation piece! I cherish how naturally conversation flows over a custom built piece of furniture. It provides the perfect option to provide the name of the company that brought your custom made furniture to life. It is exciting to see the furniture you have constantly imagined in your head in the middle of your residing room & knowing that it will last a lifetime is a superb thing.

Mediterranean manor

By Steve