It’s July and I can hardly believe it.

Not that the weather is really any different.

I mean, I can walk outside and know just what time of year it is in about 20 seconds during the Summer. It’s hot here. And it’s not just hot but it’s humid as well. That’s the combination of elements that makes the four months of heat season the toughest to endure. But then again, we have to have some perspective. It’s not as though we all have to live and work outside in the peak heating hours of the day, all day, every day. No, most of us are either enjoying residential HVAC or commercial HVAC during the peak heating hours of the day. For those who aren’t that lucky, I have all the respect in the world. I’m from this region and there is no way I could work outside during the Summer. Thankfully, at least the road crews work through the night down here. While it’s not sitting in the air conditioning, it’s better than getting cooked alive all day. But a big part of the Summer is also making sure that I don’t go broke when it comes to paying for all this air conditioning. We have a pretty simple plan that allows for comfort while also keeping the costs of cooling the house down. It’s all about acclimating to the heat during the Spring. Then just doing the basics when it comes to sealing up the house and mitigating direct sunlight heating. But really, it’s all about keeping good thermostat control. As long as we don’t keep the thermostat more than 15 degrees cooler than outside, we’re doing pretty good.

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By Steve