My partner and I were looking for some way to supplement our home’s furnace without a huge investment or renovation project.

Our house is quite old, extremely huge and particularly hard to heat.

The multitude of rooms, high ceiling and big windows create a challenge for comfort. Plus, my friend and I live in an part with especially long and freezing winters. The outdoor temperature frequently drops below freezing and even into the downside digits. My buddy and I rely on our furnace for approximately eight months out of the year. Heating our house costs a small fortune. Much of our heat tends to rise straight up to the ceiling. Due to various remodeling projects over the years, particular rooms lack the necessary number of supply and return vents for sufficient heating. My buddy and I tried electric baseboard heaters but didn’t like the appearance or their lack of effectiveness. My buddy and I considered having a ductless mini split installed but weren’t eager to mount an air handler on the wall of our historic home. When my partner suggested that my friend and I use our fireplace, I got the idea to convert it into a gas heater. After living in the house for nearly ten years, we’d used the wood burning fireplace twice. My buddy and I never wanted to go through the work of cutting wood and hauling the dirty logs through the house. Building a fire meant smoke, ash, flames and the need to have the chimney cleaned. I called a local Heating and Air Conditioning business and asked about a gas insert for the fireplace. The insert includes faux logs and the look of real flames. We’ve kept the ambience of an authentic wood burning fireplace but added amazing convenience. With the push of a button on a cordless remote, my friend and I can hastily and easily raise the temperature in the dining room. The gas boiler features a fan that works to effectively distribute the heat.

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By Steve