I thought my partner was going to burst a blood vessel when she walked in.

Her face turned pink and then red, and I was sure she was going to have a stroke. I had let her know I would be working on the air conditioning unit. She had said she didn’t want me to work on the air conditioning unit, and to let it go until the HVAC company came out. My thought was I could do the service on the air conditioning unit. Why would I spend more money at the HVAC company for something I could do? Paying the HVAC company was expensive, and I was trying to save us some money. When she came back and saw my sister there, I was waiting for the steam to come out of her ears. She and my sibling got along well, and they were friends and in-laws. When I invite her over to help fix something, there is more horsing around than fixing. I knew we went back to our teen years instead of staying adults and getting the job done. If I were being honest, she actually had a great reason to be upset, and worry if we were going to do more harm than good to the air conditioning unit, but luckily, my sister-in-law had already told my sister to work on the air conditioning and get it repaired before we started with the coors and yucking it up. He was an excellent HVAC worker until we got together. She picked her keys back up and left until she was sure the A/C component was broken or repaired.

Steam boiler

By Steve