Isn’t it interesting how two similar people can have such vastly unusual temperature preferences? What may be too chilly for one person can be too hot for another? While most of these things come down to biology and personality, it always made me wonder why some people are completely great with walking around, or even swimming, when it is snowy and chilly outside. You would feel that they get cold, but that does not seem to be the case. If anything, they look like they are having a nice time and I find it to be strange. It’s unusual when you see a stranger do it, but it is even stranger when it is someone that you know. In my case the person that I know is my bestie and she undoubtedly does adore the cold. So much so that she feels the need to put the air conditioning on full blast. And while she is enjoying her arctic paradise I’m over here ice cold! She is also the kind to swim when it is snowing, as somehow she is not bothered by the cold. I can’t sleep with these chilly cold temperatures, so I have resorted to dressing warmly just so I can get some shut eye. In my opinion the temperature is too chilly and I feel the two of us should discuss it and come to an agreement so that I can be comfortable too. It’s great if she wants to have a room to herself that is cold, but in our home it needs to be at a decent temperature because I’m not sure how much longer I can take this chilly air conditioning. It makes me miserable and I can’t get any sleep at night anymore.


Heating and cooling equipment

By Steve