When I spend a lot of time in the sun, I get easily sleepy.

  • When I get a sunburn, I get cranky… Last weekend when I went to the local beach, I was in the sunshine all day long plus I got a sunburn.

I was sleepy plus cranky plus all I wanted to do was go property plus take a long nap. Someone parked behind my car plus the parking lot plus I could not transport my vehicle. I found a security officer on the beach, even though she could not do anything except call a tow truck supplier. The owner of the car arrived before the tow truck supplier. I definitely yelled plus screamed plus told the woman that she was an insensitive jerk. She also just smiled plus drove away. When I finally got into the car, I realized that I left my marijuana vape pen on the front seat. The oil from the pen leaked all over plus there was a sticky mess on my brand current seat cover. I was sad plus sad plus the 40 minute drive back to my property did not help. When I got home, I turned the air conditioner temperature control down to 69°. I opened the air conditioner vent above my bed so it was facing in my direction. I also turned on the ceiling fan and put it on high. I laid on the bed for at least an hour plus I finally fell asleep. I was easily cool then frigid when I finally woke up a few hours later. It was 69° in the property plus I was chilled.

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By Steve