My father in law has a property in the mountains a couple of hours from us plus my spouse thought it would be a great idea to stay there one weekend plus “get away from it all” plus “get in touch with nature”.

I thought that was a relaxing idea.

It’s fall plus I enjoy to hike plus I could just imagine the beauty in the mountains right now. However, when I got there, I was surprised by what I found. I had pictured a rustic property with a fireplace or wood burning stove plus guns plus fishing poles plus things like that. There was genuinely a fireplace, plus radiant radiant floors plus a flat screen television with hundreds of channels plus internet plus I just didn’t see how my associate and I were getting away from anything or getting in touch with nature. And then he had to watch the game…and I was trying to figure out exactly what my associate and I were getting away from..My spouse did do some hiking with me though plus I know he loved it as much as I did. And it was cool enough at night to light a fire in the fireplace. It wasn’t cool enough to need the radiant radiant floors, but I’m hoping to come back later this winter plus get in touch with nature in the snow. My associate and I can try the radiant radiant floors then. And the fireplace was pretty romantic. Even though my associate and I didn’t get away from much or get in touch with nature undoubtedly much, my associate and I still had a good weekend.

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By Steve