You never know how much your life can change because of a child until it happens.

We were all good with our home’s heating equipment, a boiler that had been used for around 20 years without any trouble until my first child was born, but she has a pollen allergy & it doesn’t help that the house is surrounded by flowering trees & a garden.

We tried all sorts of whole-house air purifiers but when the heating system started giving us heater repair problems, we had to find an alternative that would cover all our a/c needs. The first person to be involved was the HVAC specialist who handled the heating unit repair & he suggested a visit to their shop for a tour of their stock of HVAC products for sale. We took the trip & the HVAC serviceman we found there told us that we could try an electric heat pump or any heat pump installation because it came with a high-quality HEPA filter. The cost of the unit was high but we were open to trying the electric HVAC because the heating specialist assured us that the system would improve indoor comfort & air quality without changing our electric bill too significantly. Our house was also most compatible with an electric heating system compared to the other options. We did the installation shortly after the tour because we wanted a solution as soon as possible. After the installation, the specialist shared pressing energy-saving tips that would keep the unit efficient too such as using the wireless thermostat to regulate the temperatures in the house based on the need for heat or cooling. The dust irritations got easier to control & they are no longer as frequent because we wash the filter religiously too.


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By Steve