My family lives in an area that always has a ton of wildfires.

I don’t know why this area of the country has so many fires compared to the rest of the world, but I think we have one about every year. The weather reports say the fires happen because the air is very dry outside. I really don’t feel like the air is dry, but maybe that is because I grew up in this kind of climate and my body had adjusted to the weather. Well, because we have so many fires I feel like my family has become lax about preparing for fires when they are reported. We used to run straight to the store or go away to my grandparents house, but know we stay in our house and even run the HVAC system. Many people don’t like to use their HVAC systems when there is a fire because it causes smoke to get into the house and the smell is almost impossible to get out. Last time our HVAC system was almost irreparable because there was so much build up in the vents from the smoke. I have told my parents that during fires we really should leave the house and not run the HVAC system, but they never want to listen to me . I think I make a really good point and I know that HVAC company would appreciate it if we would just listen to their recommendations and not run the HVAC system when there is a fire outside.


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By Steve