I knew we didn’t need the boiler yet, however I wanted to have a new boiler installed before it was needed.

I didn’t want to be put on a waiting list until they had the time. Spring was here, and it wasn’t yet air conditioning season, so I knew it was the right time. When the HVAC worker checked the boiler last year, they told me I would need a new boiler. My HVAC system was old, and I had already had the A/C unit replaced last year. This year was the year for the boiler. After paying for the boiler, I felt like I had overcome a big hurdle. I wouldn’t need anything more for my place for several years. When the HVAC worker arrived to install the boiler, he looked up toward the ceiling. He asked when the HVAC duct was being replaced. No one told me I needed a new HVAC duct. He told me I should have had the HVAC duct replaced before the boiler. The HVAC duct that was being hooked into the boiler was crumbling and needed to be replaced. He didn’t want the old HVAC duct hooked into the new boiler. He said most of the problems with the heating wasn’t just the boiler, however with the HVAC duct. It was rusty and there were holes all over. Most of the holes couldn’t be repaired. So I had a new boiler when it was the old HVAC duct that caused many of my problems. Had I known I needed a new HVAC duct, I would have traded the new air conditioning unit, and purchased ductless HVAC. It would have been much cheaper.


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By Steve