My spouse is finally about to get his dream, then he wants a rustic property in the mountains, plus my associate and I are going to build one from scratch.

  • It will be our little getaway cabin, mostly his getaway cabin, even though I might join him from time to time.

It’s a option to get close to nature, plus enjoy the simpler things in life; My associate and I have a place in mind a couple of hours from here, plus even found the perfect piece of property. My associate and I are waiting to hear back on our offer, but I’m sure it will be accepted. Then my associate and I need utilities brought out to it. My spouse would enjoy to stay off the grid plus use solar power for energy, even though I don’t know how that would work with the heating plus a/c. My spouse plans on using either wood burning stoves or fireplaces to heat the cabin, even though I would enjoy to have radiant radiant floors installed, and of course, that will never happen. Still, even with the source of heat figured out, a/c is a factor to seriously consider. Can a/c be run on solar power? It sure would be nice to avoid a regular electric bill for the place; But, my associate and I like to be comfortable too. Maybe my associate and I wouldn’t even need a/c, though; We’ll see, but even if my associate and I need a/c plus it can’t be run on solar power, I’m sure my associate and I could undoubtedly enough convert to solar power in the future. It’s something to bear in mind when my associate and I choose an a/c system, if my associate and I need one.


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By Steve