I can’t say that I’m much of a fan when it comes to renting, any more than I was when I was still in my twenties. Actually, renting does have its benefits after having spent the last thirty years as a homeowner. I don’t have to mow the grass or take care of the yard at all. And when something doesn’t work right, all I have to do is call the rental agent. That’s the situation from at least the next six months for my partner & I. My friend Max and I chose to rent a dwelling after selling our family home. Once Max and I got done upgrading the Heating & Air Conditioning component along with all the other stuff that had to be improved & sold the house, my good friend and I were spent. There was no way that Max and I were up for finding the right dwelling once my good friend and I opted to go through over thirty years of stuff & moved out of that house. Wow, that was a lot tougher emotionally than I thought it would be. But I’m feeling blissful that all of that is behind us. Renting though has come with a certain amount of adjustment. Having other people sharing walls who aren’t family members is an adjustment for sure. That’s a level of privacy that I wasn’t exactly prepared to lose. I wasn’t content with the state of the Heating & Air Conditioning components either. It’s really old & didn’t run right all Winter. Thankfully, my good friend and I live in a southern region where the weather doesn’t require a lot of heating demand from the heat pump. The experience this last winter time with the heating though has impacted the way I’m approaching the Summer. I just opted to go around the handyman the rental office always sends out for local Heating & Air Conditioning service. Instead, I had our old Heating & Air Conditioning team come over & do an a/c tune up on this old Heating & Air Conditioning equipment.


By Steve