I can’t say that I’m a bigger fan when it comes to renting than I was when I was in my 20’s.

Actually, renting does have some benefits after having spent the last thirty years as a homeowner. I don’t have to mow the lawn or handle the yard at all. And when something doesn’t toil right, all I have to do is call the front rental office. That’s the situation from at least the next six months for my wife as well as I. My nice friend Ed and I chose to rent a home after selling our family home. Once Ed and I got done upgrading the Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment along with all the other things that needed to be improved as well as sold the house, my pal and I were spent. There was no way that Ed and I were up for finding the right dwelling once Ed and I went through almost thirty years of stuff as well as moved out of that house. Wow, that was a lot rougher emotionally than I thought it was going to be. But I’m ecstatic all that is behind us. Renting though has come with a certain level of adjustment. Having people sharing walls who aren’t family members is an adjustment for certain. That’s a level of privacy that I wasn’t exactly prepared to supply up. I wasn’t satisfied with the current state of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment either. It’s actually old and it didn’t run right all Winter. Thankfully, my pal and I live in a region where the winter weather doesn’t require a lot of heating demand from the heat pump. The experience this winter season with the heater though has impacted the way I’m approaching the Summer. I just decided to go around using the handyman the rental office always sends out for Heating as well as Air Conditioning services. Instead, I had our old Heating as well as Air Conditioning pros come out as well as do an a/c tune up on this old Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit.


Rooftop HVAC

By Steve