The first few Winters I spent up here were in apartments. I was so chilly because the heating and cooling equipment was not easily good. There ended up being a space heater getting drug all around the apartment. I’d lay in front of that space heater wherever I was in that apartment. But I also did the same thing at the office. That site was chilly as well. And it wasn’t just me either. The natives of this region were chilly as well. So I wasn’t the only one with a space heater under my desk. When I moved up here, it was supposed to be temporary. I came in to fill a supervisory position while this office looked for a replacement. After a year, I was asked to make it permanent. This was a tough decision because I was torn; On the one hand, this was a work making transfer and it came with a lot more cash. I had my eyep on getting to the zone controlled Heating & A/C of the corporate offices and this was absolutely the way forward for that goal. But I’m from the south, then living with a winter season that last basically 5 or 6 months was getting to be too much. I particularly wanted to go back to the climate that I find the most comfortable. I can take a hot Summer thanks to the heat pump. But this deep chilly of winter season corporation was just too much. I decided on work and stayed. I made a five year commitment so I purchased a house. Thankfully, my new site comes with a new gas furnace which made all the difference this past Winter. It was so great and so cozy in my condo that I didn’t even have to drag that space heater all over the condo with me.


HEPA filter

By Steve