It’s been difficult for Bill and her fiancé to adjust to the frigid weather up north, despite their best efforts.

When it gets cold, their children who were born there fare better than their terrible parents.

Bill and her fiance were only exposed to snow during their skiing trips because they were southern natives. They would stay there for no more than seven afternoons before returning home. Therefore, there wasn’t enough time to get used to the blizzards and cold temperatures. When Bill’s fiancée received a fantastic job opportunity about seven years ago, they decided to move to the north. He would leave her job, finish his education, and then apply for a better job. They now have a wonderful life and even own a house because the plan was successful. The only problem is that when uneven temperatures fall to negative digits, they become irate. Anyway, Bill and her fiancé waste no time in getting in touch with the local HVAC supplier when they need furnace service. They always recall how, a few years ago, a Heating and Air Conditioning technician informed them about fall service. She kept repeating, “The earlier, the better,” as she demonstrated to the couple how to operate the furnace. Now, they make sure to get in touch with their heating and air conditioning supplier as soon as fall arrives to make sure their furnace is working efficiently when the evenings turn chilly. Bill or her fiancé make sure to call the HVAC provider to schedule the appropriate day and time for an HVAC technician to visit their home. She performs all maintenance procedures and even deals with issues like replacing air filters.


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By Steve