The boiler in the pop shop where I work is broken.

I have been working here for quite a long time, but this is the first time that I have ever tried to work here when the boiler is broken.

It’s entirely frosty here in this part of the village where we live plus so we can’t just run the store without a working boiler; Our purchasers are even complaining about it. I know that it would be okay if we just used the little wood burning fireplace in the corner of the shop, but the boss had the gas removed a couple of months ago for some reason, and she said that she thought that there was something wrong with the gas fireplace plus so she wanted to turn it off. She entirely was thinking about taking the whole fireplace out of the shop but there were a bunch of other things going on around the pop shop at that point plus so she just never got around to it, now, though, we are dealing with a whole other problem. It’s so frosty in the shop that nobody even wants to go into work during the afternoon. I don’t know why the boss has not made an appointment with the light commercial Heating & Air Conditioning company that she usually uses, but he’s going to have to do it soon or we are going to have to close down for a while. It’s going to be entirely hard to keep running the place if it doesn’t start heating up around here soon.

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By Steve