The guy said to just turn the toilet so it didn’t face the shower.

My master bathroom was a mess, and i had grand plans to make it more usable. I actually hated that the shower was a built box in the room and was small, then the sink vanity was massive and there was a closet that took up the majority of the room. I removed the closet to get more moving space. The vanity I sized down a foot. I then got a glass shower surround to make the part seem bigger. The last thing was the toilet. I wanted to transfer the toilet where the closet was! Everything I read online said that moving a toilet is a major plumbing issue since you have to transfer the drain. I called in a plumber to do the job. I figured it would cost me an arm and a leg however be worth it. I am so thankful that the plumber just didn’t do the job and left… He explained to me that the way my floor joists were made the movement difficult. If I wanted the toilet in the other corner of the room, it had to be built out from the wall in order for the drain to work, then my toilet would stick out a foot further in the room than before. I obviously was not willing to lose floor space in such a small area. I problemshot with the plumber on what to do. The guy said to just turn the toilet so it didn’t face the shower. It now is at a diagonal from the wall and shower. It is the perfect angle to sit and squat if I need to. It frees up space and looks good. It also cost nothing since the drainage was right there.

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By Steve