I will work for a bit more and then rest my eyes from the screen and hit the beach for a workout.

I may train this French lady soon, who asked me for my number the other afternoon and was texting me some.

I found this a bit weird because she is married but is kind of being flirty with me when I see her on the street walking her dog. I know that her spouse is a pilot and leaves for months at a time, so this kind of raises a red flag and I need to be careful. Heating and A/C repairs is my job and I don’t want to take a chance losing that job from this married lady as her spouse is a part owner of the business. I don’t want to meddle in someone’s married life even though I can’t tell if she just wants to be friends or is looking for an escape hatch to climb out of, that hatch being me. I’ve seen the lady working at the local supplier near me and it seems as though she comes in more to the heating supplier shop lately just to walk around and browse the heating and cooling systems, however she has been married a long time to this guy and they seem to have zero passion left in the relationship and do nothing but argue all the time, so maybe she needs to get out even though I don’t want to be the homewrecker in this case. My cooling rep told me to back off, which I have been by only answering her message if she contacts me. Wish me luck on this one!
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By Steve