I’m sure there are plenty of other guys out there who sometimes kind of pinch themselves when it comes to their partners.

That’s for sure the way I feel about my wife.

Sometimes, I’ll just catch myself sitting in the central air conditioning of our home wondering just how I managed to marry this creature. She’s the best and as my buddies like to tell me, I most certainly outkicked my coverage when it comes to her. Not only is she lovely both inside and out, she has made me such a better human. We both spend a lot of time inside the commercial HVAC of our offices trying to make a living and provide for our family. But my wife is still seemingly so on top of just everything and in such a serene sort of way. Recently, she saved me from one of the most boneheaded moves I’ve pulled since we got married. It was a Friday and I somehow got off just a bit early. I beat my wife home and was all ready to enjoy the air conditioning and welcome in the weekend. But when I got home, the HVAC equipment was running but there was no cooling coming from the air ducts. This caused me to immediately search for a solution when I should have simply called the HVAC professionals. I couldn’t find an immediate reason for this air conditioning problem so I went online. From there, I self diagnosed the problem even though I have zero heating and cooling training. Thankfully, my wife came home and stopped me before I voided the rest of the warranty on the residential HVAC. She read the HVAC warranty and knew that only certified HVAC professionals can work on the HVAC unit.

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By Steve