Today is Tuesday and the only commitment I have is a short leg workout at 5pm today with my workout buddy. Other than that, it is going to be a day of working online and healing my body so that I can play drums and sing tomorrow with the band. We are trying to find our sound and are getting closer, but we still need more time to fine tune our music so that we can bring in the crowds like I know we can. We’ve been playing on the streets mainly but we are crossing over to local business shows in clubs and air conditioned bars around town for some cash. I played a bit too much ball a couple days ago though and need to get better fast so that I can drum without having any pain in my elbow. I’ve been cooling my elbow down with cold gel and heating it up with a heating device my mom bought me. This helps a lot with joint pain when you cool and heat the joint over and over, and I am feeling better but need to keep working on the pain a bit more. My furnace is going to need to be cleaned out at some point and if my elbow is still in pain then I will call the heating dealership and have them send out a technician to do the job for me. I want to focus on music and need to have a good elbow, so getting someone else to do that work would help me a lot.

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By Steve