Lucas and I’ve been dating for two years, and I think my friendship with my friend is going well.

It’s really amazing how simple it was for me to put my trust in him. This new relationship began at the most unexpected time for me because I had recently experienced a heartbreak and my friend and I had called off our engagement. I decided not to enjoy dating in order to concentrate on my work. Even though I knew I would want to meet someone eventually, I wasn’t in a rush. I was under a lot of pressure to find someone before I turned 30 for a very long time. They claimed I would be too old after that. Well, I hurried to get someone and disregarded some obvious warning signs. I was done and decided to live my life after he cheated on me with my friend. Then, when I was on the property, I noticed that my AC was not operating properly. I called a local HVAC company for help, and they sent someone to my house. I met Lucas in that manner. He was and still is an HVAC technician for the nearby HVAC company. Lucas respectfully did a great job investigating why my air conditioner wasn’t working. Later, he replaced the worn component and assured me that the unit was fixed. Lucas walked back to my door after putting his tools away in his van. He wanted to ask me out for breakfast and said I was beautiful. I was surprised when my HVAC technician asked me out, but I could not deny his beauty. I agreed, and the rest is history, as they say. Now that my friend and I are so close, he also recently bought me a portable air conditioner for my work van.



Commercial AC

By Steve