I had two old window a/cs in my basement that I was never going to use again.

I thought I should recycle them, however I couldn’t find any place that would take them.

I said I would put them in the newspaper and sell them, however my partner said they weren’t worth anything. I offered them to the church, however they didn’t want anything to do with the window a/cs. All I wanted to do was recycle my old air conditioning units, however no one wanted them. I called one of the local HVAC companies, and I was told someone would pick them up. They could refurbish them if they were in great enough shape. They would then give them to the local church and they would go to needy families. I wished the church had told me that. I would have taken them to the HVAC company when I wanted to get rid of them. I couldn’t think no one would recycle window air conditioning units, and I wondered how many of them ended up at the local landfill instead of being refurbished. That’s when I made it a mission to find out where all the old air conditioning units went. I found out there were a lot of them in the landfill, however more than fifty percent of them were either refurbished or sent back to the company where they were purchased. What those companies did with them is still a mystery. I don’t have time to wage a protest over discarded air conditioning units, however I wished someone else had the time.

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By Steve