I have had some of the strangest HVAC dreams in the past few years since I became an HVAC technician. I had a lot of insecurity and fear when I first became an HVAC technician, and I think that this played a role in my dreams. Once, after a long day of giving an overheating mini split air conditioner, I dreamt that I was unable to get the air conditioner to stop overheating, and it exploded, injuring me and killing the HVAC customer! I woke up covered in sweat. A little bit later, I was working on a very stressful situation involving a boiler that was for some reason overheating and on the verge of exploding. In heating and cooling school, they taught us how to cool down a hot water boiler, but the method was not working. I worked quickly on the boiler, and was finally able to use some of my heating and cooling equipment to stop the boiler from overheating just in time. That night, I had a horrible nightmare about that same water boiler, but in the dream, I couldn’t find my heating and cooling equipment, and I was running out of time with the boiler. I woke up just before it exploded. I dealt with dreams like this for months until I finally became comfortable in my field of work, and confident in my skills as an HVAC repairman. I took extra classes on the weekends, and worked alongside a few very good heating and cooling experts who taught me how to work and stay calm in pressing situations like an overheating mini split air conditioner, or an exploding hot water boiler.

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By Steve