I live alone and often I get scared.

There are not many times that I feel safe in my house. For some reason I feel like someone is always going to bust into my house. I live in a rather safe neighborhood. I think I just hate being alone. Every noise I hear concerns me. One time I heard this strange noise. I thought someone was breaking into my house. I of course his myself. It was going on for a while though. It was also on and off. It would only be noticeable when my HVAC system turned on I eventually noticed. I came out of hiding to investigate. I thought for sure someone was crawling through my air ducts. I heard the HVAC system turn back on again. I heard the noise when it did. I put my head up against the wall to hear the sound better. It turns out that it was coming from the air ducts. There was a collapsed air duct within my wall. I know this because I called an HVAC technician right away. I was concerned about it, I thought something was really wrong with it. They looked around and found that part of the air duct had collapsed. They had to go into the wall to fix the air ducts. I was going to need to resort the wall when they were done fixing it. Luckily, no one was breaking into my house. I would much rather pay for this collapsed air duct. It was even easy enough for them to fix it for me.


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By Steve