I hope to never experience this again.

I awoke to an alarm last night blaring in my basement. I feared the worst such as a fire or water flooding from a broken pipe. Upon inspection it was coming from my carbon monoxide detector. I abruptly awoke most people in the household and sent them to the neighbors. I used my cell phone to contact the emergency services and they checked my house. They proposed that my friend and I stay anywhere else that night just as a precaution. First thing the next day I called my Heating & A/C worker to have my boiler evaluated out. Carbon monoxide is one of the deadliest things to have leaking into your home. It has no smell so it is known as the silent killer. After a complete inspection of the heater, our worker made the necessary repairs. He did make the recommendation that my friend and I consider installing additional filters and my friend and I had him do the labor as well; I am undoubtedly thankful that my friend and I had the carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout the house. Any expense that ensures the safety of your family is worth it. My family and I can sleep well at night knowing that they are doing their job. I hope to never experience this again. It was so upsetting to think of what may have happened in the event my friend and I were not prepared. I made an appointment for late fall next year to have the Heating & A/C evaluated before using it. Annual repair will help to avoid any further awakenings in the middle of the night. I will share this story with all my enjoyed ones for sure to ensure their safety as well.
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By Steve